Monday, October 16, 2006

Banishment of Garfield

Banishment of Garfield

Banishment of Garfield (2006)

Something new. It might be a long time between lasagnas...



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Anonymous said...

The Man Who Could Not Stop Raining

No one knew why, but one sunny day
he became a sudden downpour, puddling everywhere.

He was not crying, you understand,
he was simply raining, nobody could figure out how.

He was so good-natured, he had a respectable job,
and he had always seemed happily married.

His wife had even made cheerleading squad,
and his daughter had organized several church socials.

His face became all mushy, drooling play dough
into what might have been a wimpy smile.

The drizzle was so continuous that no one was sure
if he was waving hello or calling for help.

People were afraid he might be contagious,
so they moved out of his way and avoided eye contact.

Gradually he became useful for watering their lawns
or filling the wishing well with good tidings.

And then one cloudy day, he simply evaporated,
leaving not one drop behind to unlock his heart.

[Disposable Poem October 16, 2006]

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