Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wish You Were Nuclear

Ground Burst Near Orlando

Ground Burst Near Orlando (1998)

Air Burst Over Palm Springs

Air Burst Over Palm Springs (1998)

Underwater Test Off Key West

Underwater Test Off Key West (1998)

Underground Test at Destin

Underground Test at Destin (1998)

I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
Ellen Ripley, Aliens

Good advice. Considering the aliens among us -- like Foley and Harris -- Florida becoming a radioactive residue looks pretty good. An added plus: all the sandy beaches transform into glass.

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Anonymous said...

….What You Wish For

1. The Affected Women

They bruise easily. Pin-pricks bleed
all along their legs and thighs;
they writhe in fever, coughing up
phlegm contaminated by liver
radiation, groaning for water.

2. Women in the Well

Jaw bones become soft, raw gums
so porous, that a kiss festers with bacteria,
and teeth fall out. Restlessly anemic,
radioactive bones leave photographic
stains on the dark room paper.

3. Women Dial Painters

The skeletal spine easily fractures
into bone cancer of the knee, foot,
rib-cage, or eye socket. Radon gas
collects soft tissues in the head, releasing
alpha particles for two thousand years.

4. Their Children

The closer to the bomb, the smaller
the baby's head. With visible skin
damage and less hair, they convulse
in their mothers' arms.
vomiting back the breast milk.

[Disposable Poem October 20, 2006]