Wednesday, March 07, 2007



Jackpot (2000)

Somebody hit it yesterday. From CNN:

There are just two winning tickets in the record $370 million Mega Millions jackpot -- one sold in New Jersey and the other in Georgia, lottery officials announced Wednesday.

No one had come forward to claim their share of the prize at midday [the Georgia winner has now come forward], but lottery officials in both states were expecting to hear from the winners soon.

One winning ticket was traced back to Campark Liquors in Woodbine, New Jersey, on the state's southern end. The other was sold at Favorite Market in Dalton, Georgia, lottery representatives in the two states said.


The odds of hitting it: about 1 in 176 million.

One probably has a better chance of being struck by a meteor.

My odds -- even less. There's no lottery offerings here in Baptist-tyrannized Arkansas, although I sometimes used to see the locals heading for the border at peak times when I lived in Northwest Arkansas. My common sense tells me that participating is throwing money away -- but $370 million? Talk about "mad money." Reason be damned. And give me a Slurpee with those tickets.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


What can you win? Once in a lifetime
A percentage of the take stains your hands
With the blood of hoodwinked workers
Who cued up to gas tanks and punched
The power ball before toking out on hash
National guard smuggled fresh from Afghanistan.

Scarcity guarantees the value of resources
Bartered from the poor on their pilgrimages
To be washed clean of sin in the Ganges
Where water costs more because polluted
From cooling rods of industrial reactors
That earthquakes will one day crack open.

Immigrants become brothers, co-workers
Become relatives the instant you are named
Poet Laureate of Wall Street, stocks and bonds
Not worth the paper they're printed on;
Crouching with switchblades ready, gangs
Lie in wait for a winner to claim the prize.

[Disposable Poem March 8, 2007]

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