Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Garden of Forking Paths

The Garden of Forking Paths

The Garden of Forking Paths (2001)

I leave to several futures (not to all) my garden of forking paths.
--Jorge Luis Borges


Made with Fractal Zplot. Post-processed until the image was arrested and sentenced to death while still claiming to have "most abhorrently triumphed."

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Dr. Mike said...

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Dr. Mike said...

Mr. Smiley Face

The moon's a fur
Ball coughed up by
Fuzzy logic

A hole in one
Zero whistling Zen
Through buck teeth

Snarling a sticker snicker
Peeled off and stuck
Up a banana tree

Some squares don't belong
Pulling whiskers off
A Van Dyke beard

Just another vindictive prankster
A decapitated riddler
Purring off-key

When I've gone
Man, I'm really gone
Cat's paws disappearing across sand

[Disposable Poem January 13, 2008]
Dr. Mike

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