Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Foucault's Cat

Foucault's Cat

Foucault's Cat (2000)

From Poops Upside Ya Head:

We had a bit of an incident with our cat Foucault yesterday. After trying to get out the front door and being shooed away by Pat, he got seriously agitated and Eleanor made the mistake of trying to interact with him. Foucault attacked her.


Could you find it in your heart to adopt Foucault? He's really not a bad guy -- he just doesn't play well with little kids who like to pat his head and pull on his tail sometimes.

Hmmm. The last part above sounds like a methodology for exploring the nuances of Discipline and Punish.

By the way, Foucault did have a cat. See:

As you continue to write you are no longer read at all...

Personally I've never met any intellectuals. I've met people who write novels, others who treat the sick; people who work in economics and others who compose electronic music. I've met people who teach, people who paint, and people of whom I have never really understood what they do. But intellectuals? Never.
--Michel Foucault, "The Masked Philosopher" (tran. Robert Hurley and others)

[Photograph found here.]

No word on the cat's personal biopolitics.


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