Monday, January 07, 2008

Kill Filter

Kill Filter

Kill Filter (1999)

I have someone in my kill filter named Adam. I cannot remember why I put him there. Is he the loud mouth jerk who thinks he is God's gift to the world or am I thinking of someone else? Is he gone from this group? Thanks for reply, except of course Adam, who I cannot see anyway.
--Jeff on BoardReader


Made with Tiera-Zon. Post-processed until the need for plonk.

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Dr. Mike said...

Kill Filter

Master cautions
Slow and meticulous
Pumice over steel
Sharpening the blade
Of the scimitar.

The cut will be
Except for tiny
Beads of blood
Along the neckline.

Master pivots
Beneath velvet
Silks that billow
Emptier than snow.

Nowhere to be seen
Unless marginally
From the corner of the eye
White stone on black
Sheet rock in motion.

Master embraces
The focus of all thought
Even when random
Shredding into ribbons
A bull's-eye at zero

In the wake of a wave
In the shuddering fallout
What takes one down
Takes all others after
Null and hap.

[Disposable Poem January 8, 2008]
Dr. Mike