Thursday, January 21, 2010

Buffalo in October


Dr. Mike said...

The Know-Nothings

The Know-Nothing Party of the 1850s has returned with a vengeance and seized power. They have no solutions to offer for curing the nation’s ills; instead, they are obstructionists who enjoy shouting down their opponents and scaring everybody else with their implacable self-righteousness. This time their candidate is a soccer mom from Alaska. They know that more people fear the unknown than are willing to take a risk on hoping for something better. Government sold their children into an unwinnable war. That’s all government is good for – bickering over what’s left after bankruptcy and cutting deals in the back room. People need their shopping more than health care.

[Disposable Rant January 20, 2010]
Dr. Mike

Hitherto 75 said...

Thank you for using/"borrowing" the title "Blog with a view", the same as my own blog, established in april 2004. Moreover, with the address "cruelanimal, etc", with no relation at all with your blog's name.

cruelanimal said...


Are you implying that I stole your blog title and should somehow be ashamed?

I had no idea your blog even existed. Since your Blogger profile is private -- meaning that no link for your blog is provided -- how exactly was I supposed to be aware of it? Even after a quick Google search, I am unable to find any reference to your blog. Mine, by the way, turns up at the top of the list. So who is actually doing the "borrowing" here?

I assume you know as well as I that titles cannot be copyrighted anyway.

Over the years, I have found at least five other blogs that also claim to be a "blog with a view." I assume you are also actively haranguing each of them as well.



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