Saturday, March 04, 2006

Laser Peel

Laser Peel

Laser Peel (1999)

From "Getting Ready for -- and Recovering from -- Skin Peels":

After a skin peel, you need to stop all vigorous physical activity. If you're taking any pain medication, you won't be able to drive because the medication may slow your reaction time or make you drowsy. You'll be swollen as well, so if you have trouble opening your eyes, you shouldn't drive [emphasis mine].

That last part seems like sound advice. If you do have trouble opening your eyes after a laser peel, there are probably a few other things you shouldn't do:

*Skiing (does not apply to Bode Miller)
*Spinal surgery
*Defusing bombs
*Ginsu juggling
*Plutonium transportation
*Piloting the Exxon Valdez
*Touch Screen voting (also applies to "with eyes wide open" circumstances)
*Quail hunting with wealthy Republican millionaires

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