Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Gang of Roses

Gang of Roses

Gang of Roses (2002)

Blog with a View, at heart, is a digital art photoblog. Each Wednesday, I present an image without the usual annotation/explanation.

As I note in the blog's description, please feel free to talk back to the art, or, if you wish, use this post as a weekly open thread.


Anonymous said...

Roses Aroused

The Spanish rose assassinated
Blush of youth against stucco
Brash and bold as a ghazal

Clenched between the teeth
In a tango for airline commercials
And sword for filial combat

Twisted on thorns before the thrust
Of bull goring the physical
Pain not even hemlock can numb

Beneath Spanish moss flagella
Spurned turn to nacre lace
For pummeling consolation

A razor-sharp grin permanently
Slashed across the face of beauty
So the blood can warp welts

Tasty as leeches on a skewer
Over the backyard barbecue
Pop into song and screech

Where's the cardinal in this picture?
Hidden under vermilion draperies
And armed with grappling hooks

Ready to shear through the tapestry
A children's tale of courtly Romaunt
Bruised and unable to pivot on its spike

The further the distance from suffering
The easier to smell the roses
As all color melds to black

cruelanimal said...

Roses are hot,
nest like hornets
buzzed about bad pollen,
delivery systems
for plutonium. Thorns erupt
like a heat rash,
making craters in skin,
then the stinging, wooing
nerves go numb, muscles flatten,
and sleepiness comes

split from what is and what
could be.

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