Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tiki Party Gone Bad

Tiki Party Gone Bad

Tiki Party Gone Bad (2003)

Blog with a View, at heart, is a digital art photoblog. Each Wednesday, I present an image without the usual annotation/explanation.

As I note in the blog's description, please feel free to talk back to the art, or, if you wish, use this post as a weekly open thread.


Anonymous said...

Tupperware parties have been replaced by sodering lead and glass panes to fill in the empty windows of church schools with instructive visual illustrations of holy writ. However abstract this monument to Lot's wife, constructed out of plywood and pepper shakers, Sodom never looked so good at the hands of dyslectics and slobbering dirt devils - clear proof that evolution does not work so well in home schooling as devolution does.

cruelanimal said...

The TV says that all housewives are too desperate to store food in colorful plastic. They'd rather chuck kids in the minivan and tool over to museums claiming Noah parked two velociraptors on his ark. There's a hunka short-term history in them thar hills. Or, at least, a ship of fools who elect an oilman Prezdent and then bitch about record gas prices. Too bad those Biblical dinosaurs weren't wasting away into black gold more than a mere 10,000 years. Hell, Jed, then there'd be plenty fossil fuel decomposing in sandy countries needing a good first strike shocking and awing. Or [cue sinister banjo music] did intelligent designers in Washington plan ahead to be awash in a cash flood by price gouging and boning up on petroleum stocks?