Friday, August 26, 2005

Curious George Goes to the Disco

Curious George Goes to the Disco

Curious George Goes to the Disco (2002)

I'm curious. Aren't you curious? I'm very curious...
--Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now

And why not dance the night away? You're on extended vacation, more physically fit than Achilles, and of the mindset that "it's important for me to get on with my life." Bring it on is so last year. The new night rally cry should be Get it on.

So, in between Travolta thrusts, I wonder -- are we very curious as to how curious Curious George is?

from The Bush Dyslexicon (quoting the Associated Press, August 26, 1999):

Thus Bush replied when asked, by a schoolchild in South Carolina, to name the the book he liked the most when he was small:

"I can't remember any specific books."

Curious George wasn't very curious, was he?


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Anonymous said...

Curious George

Dudes majoring in PE
Snigger in their rows
At the name Solzhenitsyn.

Line-dancin, step-dancin,
"You gonna take off for grammar?"
And they don't believe in evolution!

Descended from Jesus, they pray
For cool assassinations,
For Mickey Mouse to design their courses.

What they ought to be praying for
Is that someone fix the air conditioning
So that everyone can breathe in this cinder block.

But this building was built by the natives
Who cut so many corners
That they bear children with asbestos ears.

idyllopus said...

"Curious George at the Disco". Very amused. I for some reason kept blurring it with Where's Waldo. Which was also amusing.

cruelanimal said...

I really do enjoy reading the anon poems that have been showing up in the comments. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who'd like to use comments to put up a poem to correspond with any given image can just fire away.

And thanks to Idyllopus for her kind remarks. It's always a pleasure to hear from her. By the way, you need to drop by her blog and read her terrific post about the recent rave bust in Utah. It's more than the smoke screen of drugs, folks -- it's the politics. As Idyllopus notes: "Crooks and Liars has it that a 'source inside the Utah government reports that this action was undertaken out of fear that the Rave would be used to rally support for the protest against Bush's Utah visit.'"

So, I guess raves now need zones in the boonies like "free" speech? Patriot Act addendum: No dancing and fun allowed in any state where the president is physically located. Can't have that electronic equipment blocking bike paths.

Sadly, today's image becomes a koan. Mindless disco -- good. Thoughtful rave -- bad.