Thursday, August 18, 2005

Welcome to Rome 9

Welcome to Rome 9

Welcome to Rome 9 (2005)

Caesar cuts his vacation short for once,
soars back to a public forum to pen
a bill of rights for one woman. No negligence
to fault and against the bland grain of his
gubernatorial decrees the Emperor agrees
to error on the side of life excepting
inmates and 100 thousand civies stuck
in sandy provinces or spent legions
consigned undercover in a cable blackout.
You’d never know from the news that
souls not braindead still matter --
so what kind of man is he thunders
The Hammer drawing flies and shutterbugs.
A conquered world built by dreams dies slower.


From a series called Welcome to Rome. Today's illustrated poem was written during the Schiavo debacle. I recall Bush jumped at the chance to leave the compound and help one woman during his last vacation.

But, this time, another woman doesn't need others (like psychic congressmen) to presume to speak for her. So, naturally, Bush turns a deaf ear and feels it's also important for me to go on with my life. Thousands of families of the fallen feel the same way -- with no vacation from their grief -- including one mother, standing
at your door, seeking straight talk that will help her go on. She's not a solicitor. You called her and started the conversation when her son shipped out to serve in your war. Mr. President. Answer the door.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to Rome 9

Mightier than the sword
Is the sword. Stoics
Resign themselves

To abstinence, church
Based initiatives
In the lion's den,

And sperm as the origin of life.
Canada, Oh Canada!
Thou lookest better day by day!

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